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Have you been arrested for DUI, a juvenile crime or serious crime?

When your freedoms and future are at stake, the attorneys at Zimostrad & Zimostrad aggressively protect your rights.

We know the challenges you face, including harsh punishments such as jail or prison time, substantial fines, a criminal record, separation from your loved ones and damage to future employment prospects. We work hard to expose dubious police arrest procedures, push for reduction or dismissal of your charges and put you in the best possible legal position for trial.

When a Criminal Arrest Threatens Your Freedoms and Future​


Zimostrad & Zimostrad criminal lawyers aggressively protect your rights in felony and misdemeanor practice areas of:


  • Juvenile crime – disorderly conduct, underage drinking, vandalism

  • DUI defense –  including, but not limited to driver's license suspension and revocation

  • Theft – identity theft, burglary, shoplifting

  • Violent crime – assault, armed robbery, carjacking and weapons violations

  • Criminal sexual conduct

  • Drug crime – possession, distribution, trafficking, cultivation, importation and manufacture

  • White collar crime – extortion, embezzlement, money laundering, RICO violations and public corruption


We are skilled at investigating the charges you face, negotiating with prosecutors and litigating in your best interests at trial. We excel at thorough preparation of your case and persuasive presentations before judge and jury. Contact us immediately if you have been arrested for a serious criminal offense.

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